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Create custom binders that communicate your brand identity

  •  Payne Capital

    Payne Capital Management plexiglass binders are stylish and durable.

  • NFL Dynasty Prototype

    NFL Dynasty Prototype binder covers are exciting covers to behold.

  • Edge Wild

    Edge Wild cork binders are distinctive and captivating.These great looking binder.

  • Ferrari Wine List

    Ferrari tempered glass binders are another innovative concept by binders designs.

  • J A Casillas

    J.A. Casillas Furniture Manufacturing binder covers are exquisite, sophisticated.

  • Trugrain

    Fabric Binders featuring grey linen decorated with 4-color process printing

  • MGM Grand Dining

    MGM Grand Dining Experience binder covers are elegant, sophisticated.

  • Septa

    Septa poly binders are sophisticated and durable.The economical binder covers

  • J Crew

    J Crew custom binders are elegant,captivating, and economical.

  • Capital Chart Room

    The Capital Chart Room custom binders are machine made to lower the cost.

  • Castle Cooke Prototype

    These cool binders are one-of-a-kind. Featuring an elastic grid to store anything.

  • Combat Talon II

    Combat Talon II's zippered binder is tough and distinctive.

  • MVN

    MVN easel display binders are distinctive & attractive.The custom easel binders

  • Derek Jeter Memorabilia Box

    The Derek Jeter clamshell box is an exquisite example of a binder box design.

Custom design options, quality materials and innovative manufacturing processes help convey the value of your proposals and presentations contained within. Impact understands how important is is to make a lasting impression on investors, customers and colleagues when they review your work. With your goals in mind, we design and produce binders that capture attention the moment they are received.

Why choose Impact?

We accept binder cover designs that challenge status quo manufacturing. Our production capability enables us to create designs and work with materials other manufacturers refuse to consider.

Since 1987, Impact has been a leader in custom design, quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques for custom binder covers, guest directory covers, and portfolios. Impact is internationally recognized for its innovative designs, manufacturing accomplishments, and its environmental initiatives.

Impact’s keen emphasis on innovation, design, quality, and customer service reflect the values we consistently strive to uphold. Our binders are crafted with reinforced spines and durable materials to serve our customers long-term with proper care. Custom designs are created with unique materials and processes resulting in distinctive menu covers, guest directory binders, wine list covers and more. Our designer binder covers can be found in the boardrooms and offices of many organizations worldwide.

Who we work with

Who we work with