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 A Military Binder with Slipcase: This U.S. Marine Corps binder and slipcase is a tribute to the strength, focus, and superior demands of the Corps. The unique qualities include:

  • Custom black anodized solid aluminum binder manufactured with a unique anodized process; subdued engraved artwork.
  • Custom solid wood slipcase stained black with matching subdued engraved artwork

A binder and slipcase combination that fulfills the demands of the Corps.



Previously Featured Products     


Another new and innovative design from Impact Enterprises.  Shell's Wine Bar & Bistro binder covers are unique, exciting, and environmentally responsible.

  • New all wood spine with leather. 
  • Maximizes the use of eco-friendly woods.
  • Eliminates the need for a quarterbind spine
  • Provides binding for two or multiple inserts.
  • Displays new ICP printing for full cover decoration


Wood-Menu-Covers-Mosaic-Cafe-Dinner-F Another example of our all wood spine with leather, and ICP Printing.  Mosaic Cafe binder covers are solid walnut with ICP printed decoration that covers only a portion of the front cover.  Binding is desiged for multiple inserts.


Previous Featured Binder Cover and Clamshell Design.                                                


Another distinctive and quality handcrafted metal binder cover and clamshell binder box design.
MGM Grands binder covers and clamshell binder boxes are elegant, sophisticated, and command attention.  
  • Bright Shell Brushed Aluminum
  • Vibrant Orange Coach faux leather spine and flap closure.
  • Magnetic Flap Closure (full length)
  • Embossed artwork
  • Interior Features:
    • Dove Grey New-age linen lining
    • Powder-coated 3-ring binding mechanism










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