Metal Care Instructions and Recommendations



For Handcrafted Metal Binder Covers, Menus, Clipboards, Stands, and other Metal Products


Each handmade cover is fabricated in soft metal material (brass, copper, or aluminum).  Proper care and maintenance will enhance the beauty and life of each product.  Please review the following procedures.


q  Products should be stored vertically and at room temperature (55 – 95 degrees).  Stacked storage (metal against metal) will cause scratching and affect durability.  Extreme temperatures may cause the metal to separate from the lining more easily.


q  Metal is waxed.  To maintain beauty and shine, simply buff with a soft dry cloth.  Never use caustic cleaners, polishers, or let acidic fluids get on the surface. You can apply a dab of butcher’s wax (available at Home Depot and other hardware stores) and lightly buff covers.


q  For stubborn dirt, use a damp cloth with 10% solution Dawn Dish Soap to 90% water, only.


q  Your metal order is hand made, and Impact cannot guarantee all pieces will be uniform, there will be subtle differences in the finish from piece to piece.


Our patinas are semi-permanent; water will not damage the finish on the metal, however, water may cause further patination if not wiped off.


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