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Make an Impact with Metal Presentations

Timeless, contemporary designaluminum menu covers nra award f 835x535

Integrating metals into your office or fine dining marketing designs creates a distinguished look that is modern, yet timeless, and suitable to complement any color scheme. Whether you choose an entirely metal presentation or incorporate other materials, such as leather or linen, your design is sure to catch the attention of prospective buyers, clients, and customers. Stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and copper provide endless options to integrate metals into custom designs that create unique branding opportunities for any business.


nfl bright brass proposal request brass binder new spine and full interior bright brass embossed impactenterprises com 299x240Recycled metals support “zero-waste” design

Metal binders and presentation products are not only durable and elegant but are also some of the most environmentally-friendly material options available. According to DBR, restaurant trends for 2019 include a zero-waste design that extends to interior design resulting in a rise in recycled and raw, unfinished materials used. Whether you are looking to update, upgrade or reinvent the design of your resort or business, recycled metals are an innovative, eco-conscious choice for a variety of reasons. Choosing recycled metals helps to reduce carbon emissions and uses considerably less energy and water than processing raw materials, while also diverting waste from landfills. Incorporating recycled metals in your design concept is an eco-conscious decision both you and your customers can feel good about.

Metals are a highly durable, eye-catching and low maintenance presentation option. Recycled metals can be treated in ways that create an almost endless array of natural finishes, colors, and textures that will leave a lasting impression on clients. At Impact Enterprises, we continuously experiment with new brushing techniques so that we can offer our reputable metal finishes that have become internationally recognized for their unique branding qualities.

Brass FinishesCopper Supporting Image1Brushed Aluminum Finishes supporting Image 1


Infinite Copperbinder cover copper water works f 4d0a5c4fa8480 835x535

Copper is a popular option for binder and presentation covers because of the wide array of elegant finishes. Copper has an infinitely recyclable life and copper in existence today can often be dated back to ancient Egypt. The patina finishes on copper are all organic, created by accelerating natural processes. Impact Enterprises has a research department that continuously experiments with alternative procedures to create custom copper finishes that are unrivaled in the industry.


Combine designer materials for a unique, custom presentation

Recycled metals can be used in a variety of products to create unique, custom presentations, tabletop accessories, signage, and corporate gifts. Combining multiple metals or other materials such as cork, leather, wood, acrylic, and linen can create a truly one of a kind product that communicates your attention to detail and the quality of your brand.

hard rock guest services directory f6 835x535


Hard Rock Hotel

The Hard Rock Hotel custom menus and guest directories feature custom shaped sunbubble copper, vibrant orange faux leather, and foil debossed artwork.
brass binder mgm in room dining f 835x535 

 Brass Binder




This brass binder features recycled brass with a brushed bright brass finish, a black faux leather spine, embossed artwork, and a landscape design

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 Brass Menus


These great looking tri-fold menu display stands are brass with a linen brass finish. The artwork is embossed in the brass on all three sides of this stand. The binding is corner pockets on turned-edge linen panels.
solid aluminum binders microsoft f 835x535

 Solid Aluminum


 Microsoft's "EXP" solid aluminum binder covers feature solid aluminum, a piano hinge spine, and 4-color process artwork on both the front cover and the spine.

Impact’s Commitment

As part of Impact’s ongoing commitment to environmental initiatives, we began offering recycled copper as a material option in 2003 and have since expanded their selection to include brass, stainless steel, and aluminum. Impact remains the only US manufacturer offering designer recycled brass menus. Make a statement by integrating recycled metals with Impact’s other eco-friendly materials, to include leather and solid wood. See more eco-friendly binders here.