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Branding, when employed properly, allows a logo, product, design, material, pattern, or a combination of these to have quick recall for your customers, patrons, and clients. The \'Unique\' (truly unique) is another branding description. Something that allows a person to react to, store in memory, and recall quickly. Impact\'s metal finishes, wood designs, and material combinations have high branding qualities. Our binder covers, presentation folders, award covers, product and information packaging, sales kits, custom signage, and custom corporate gifts have received international recognition for construction and branding quality.

Menu-Cover-Wood-La-Cave-F Binder-Cover-Faux-Leather-Komplique-F Primlands_Binder_Box


Tempered Glass,

Stainless Steel,

Genuine Leather


Embossed Brushed Aluminum,

Dark Brass with die-cut window,

Embossed aluminum plate


Aqueous Coated Fabric,

4 Die-cut windows,

Screened logo and text.


Solid Wood - Mahogany,

In-laid genuine leather,

Laser-engraved logo

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