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May / June 2017

Ralph Salisbury


Custom Desk-top Accessories

Custom desk-top accessories are in vogue, especially accessories manufactured using environmentally responsible materials such as wood, recycled metals, genuine leathers as by-products, and aqueous coated materials.  Accessorize your desk-top with custom blotters, custom business card holders, iPad display stands and photograph display stands.  Unique, interesting, and responsible accessories grab a visitor’s attention, and immediately create a moment of common interest that can soften potential awkwardness for first-time meetings


 Environmentally Responsible Binders


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March / April 2017

Ralph Salisbury


Bespoke Presentation...


What better way to present proposals, reports, or investment opportunities than to put them in an environmentally responsible binder cover that is specifically designed for your need, and embraces your sustainability practices and socially conscious initiatives.

Impact is recognized worldwide for its innovative designs and products, and its use of environmentally responsible materials in manufacturing these products.  Environmentally responsible materials enhance design options, decoration options, and equally important enhance the value and importance of your presentation.


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January / February 2017

Ralph Salisbury


A Sustainability Mindset…


Sustainability embraces the protection of natural resources for future generations.  Many industries have developed and continue to strengthen their sustainability mindset. Presentation products such as binder covers, presentation folders, sales kits, etc. can support this mindset by being manufactured from environmentally responsible materials.  Solid woods harvested from sustainable forests or blue pine a reclaimed wood, recycled metals, aqueous coated materials, and leather as a by-product or chromium free are examples of environmentally responsible materials.  Your customers, staff, business partners, and investors will acknowledge the use of such materials, and will react more favorably to your presentation.

 Corp America Small Cap Awards for Impact Enterprises, Inc.:

Most Innovative Presentation Products 2016 and

Most Socially Responsible Company, USA 2016


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December 2016

Ralph Salisbury



During 2016 Impact Enterprises, Inc. once again has been recognized for its design, innovation, and manufacturing skills.  Corp America News awarded us with two awards; one that acknowledges our innovative design focus and one that acknowledges our social consciousness efforts.  These awards are appreciated, however, the most meaningful and valued ‘awards’ are the compliments we receive from our customers throughout the year, such as:


Good afternoon Brian!
Just wanted to let you know that we received the shipment of binders today and they look great!
We're excited to get these into our client's hands! Amazing!


First of all, we would like to inform you that the Denim Binders that you helped us create were amazing!
Everyone loves them and it's part of our everyday training for employees.
Thank you…




October 2016

Ralph Salisbury


Our Newsletter this month duplicates our Blog due to the recognition Impact has received...



New Awards for Impact Enterprises, Inc.; Our Product, Customer Service, and Social Responsibility Advantages are Acknowledged…


Aristotle wrote, "Quality is not an act, it is a habit".  At Impact Enterprises, Inc. our passion for and focus on design, product innovation, customer service, and environmental and social responsibility are habits that have been refined and expanded during our 28 years in business.  These habits have encouraged Corporate America-Newsto name Impact, in the small business category: 


  • "Most Innovative Custom Presentation Products Manufacturer 2016" and
  • "Best Socially Responsible Company--USA


We have earned these awards because of consistency in product quality, customer service, and social responsibility



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September 2016

Ralph Salisbury


Corporate and Military Binders and Presentation Products


At Impact Enterprises, Inc., product design and material experimentation are always in a state of innovative challenge.  We collaborate, we investigate, we build and evaluate prototypes; we are “artists, designers, woodworkers, metal sculptors, manufacturer…”, and more.  Our Corporate Binders, Military Binders, Sales Kits, and other Custom Presentation Products are acknowledged for innovative design, usefulness, durability, and sustainability



In our ongoing efforts to support socially responsible initiatives for our customers worldwide, Impact continually researches new materials for uniqueness, durability, environmental accountability, and availability.  Impact strives to offer customers an ever-growing selection of new and appropriate materials


Recognized as a role model for small businesses through product innovation, design innovation, and material innovation; through environmental responsibility; through customer service, and through compassion and humanity, Impact continually works to make a difference. Our Corporate Responsibility endeavors are impressive, particularly for a small business. We work hard to acknowledge the reality of challenges that face all of us in today's world, and believe our focused initiatives and donations may contribute, albeit in a small way, to eventual resolution for some of these challenges.


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August 2016

Ralph Salisbury



Offer… a New Level of Excellence, a New Standard of Quality


Your binder covers are representative of the importance you place on their contents.  If you believe in the value of content, you must believe in the acknowledged value of capturing attention from the ‘get-go’.  Innovative binder covers are available to accommodate every industry’s needs whether it be sports, automobile, banking, investment, hospitality, construction, real estate, government, military, retirement and assisted living, etc.


At Impact, we pride ourselves on our resolve to understand any potential difference between our customer’s wants and actual needs; there can be a clear distinction.  Our innovative competency allows us to merge ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ into one superior product that reflects… a new level of excellence and a new standard of quality.



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July 2016

Ralph Salisbury


Visual Impact...



In today’s business environment innovation remains key for continued success; innovation coupled with quality and service.  Successful innovation does require an understanding of customers, market trends, and equally important… market leadership.


At Impact Enterprises, we are committed to our customer’s needs and desires, and to understanding industry trends, but more importantly creating industry trends.  Bobi Hamilton, Impact’s President and CEO, maintains her passion for innovation, has never lost touch with customers, and created an environment for Impact that encourages all associates to embrace this same philosophy.  Almost 30 years ago, Impact introduced customization concepts that soon became trends in the manufacturing industry for binder covers, menu covers, and other presentation products.  Our customers have always been first to receive branding quality products due to design and material combinations made possible by Impact’s genius and innovative manufacturing skills.


Impact introduced custom handcrafted copper, brass, and brushed aluminum presentation covers to the industry 18 years ago.  Shortly thereafter we instituted a policy of working with recycled metals in order to become more environmentally responsible and offer such opportunity to our customers as well.  14 years ago we introduced truly custom solid wood binder covers and menu covers, and soon offered all such presentation products in a variety of woods harvested from Verified Sustainable Forests.  Tempered glass covers are in vogue as a result of Impact’s design and manufacturing genius.


In order to provide additional service to and new customization options for our customers we expanded our product line to include custom key cards, a quality line of Public Space products that includes Crowd Control Stanchions (Posts & Ropes and Retractable Belts), Free Standing Display Signs, Bellman and Luggage Carts. These products are made from the highest quality materials, and now can be customized to particular size and design requirements, an option not previously offered by the industry.  Impact makes customization opportunities exciting for our customers, and their enthusiasm and participation in the customization process contributes to exceptional branding quality products.


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May 2016


Ralph Salisbury


Trade shows offer wonderful opportunities for developing new contacts, discovering new industry innovations, uncovering purchasing discounts, and of course, meeting up with existing customers, all of which can contribute to professional growth, the growth of your business, and even personal growth.


This month the National Restaurant Association Show (NRA Show), one of the largest and most highly regarded hospitality tradeshows in the U.S. will take place in Chicago, as it does every year.  Impact Enterprises again will be displaying its innovative and environmentally responsible menu covers, binder covers, guest directory covers, table-top and bar-top display stands, and other presentation products. Our booth will be manned by Brian Skopp and Travis Summit, each whose design capabilities, material knowledge, customer care focus, and knowledge of industry trends have been acknowledged throughout the hospitality industry


We look forward to visiting with our existing customers, renewing old acquaintances, and developing new relationships.  Give yourself an opportunity to be ‘innovative’ in your thinking of presentation products, come visit with Brian and Travis and discover exciting possibilities for your presentation needs.

National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show

Impact Enterprises, Inc.  -  BOOTH # 5052 

 May 21-24, 2016  -  Chicago, IL


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April 2016


Ralph Salisbury

The subject of our April blog (see Blog) revolves around communication and defensive tactics employed in an attempt to justify miscommunications.  This is an important subject for all businesses and in particular manufacturing operations.  Manufacturing involves ‘specification’ communication from several sources; it could be a customer’s communication to a designer, supplier, or the manufacturer itself.  It could be a manufacturer’s communication back to its customer.  Whatever the flow of this ‘specification’ communication, of critical importance is the absence of miscommunication; miscommunication due to actual errors in text, and miscommunication due to the probability of misinterpretation.


When busy, many of us lose our discipline to question; we tend to accept our initial understanding as being the correct interpretation; we do not question other possible interpretations.  This is the cause of most defensive tactics; we attempt to justify our misinterpretation by pointing the finger of blame elsewhere.  We are not wrong in our ‘understanding’, we are wrong for not questioning something that may be able to have other interpretations.  When dealing with specifications, all possibilities for misinterpretation must be eliminated.



March 2016


Ralph Salisbury


Some presentation issues need to be reinforced:  Whether your presentation is used for sales (products, services, or investments) or guest services directories, certain truths apply regarding capturing the recipients attention and holding on to it.  In my September 2015 Newsletter I addressed the revenue generating potential that Guest Services Directories possess. This subject can be rationalized further, and needs to be.


Dynamic Care for Guest Directories..., and other binder presentations.

Guest Services Directories remain a valuable means for generating auxiliary income for hotels. In order to maximize this potential income serious consideration must be given not only to presentation and organization, but also to continual care. Continual care is a policy that requires updated information from management and wear monitoring from housekeeping. This is what I call Dynamic Care, care that contributes to maximizing the potential interest a guest could have in your hotel’s services and amenities. A directory cover that shows well and contains a current welcome letter that directs the guest’s attention to new features, foods, or other positive descriptions of services and amenities, encourages guest participation and can result in increased purchases from the guest.


It is a given that my Dynamic Care thinking is not a stand-alone policy, it must be complemented by genuine customer service provided from the time your guest reaches your front door.

Let me address Dynamic Care in an organized manner.

THE GUEST DIRECTORY COVER..., (or other binder cover)

  • Should reflect your brand.
  • Should embody an ‘attitude’* that encourages opening.
    • A cover that grabs attention
    • one that generates a sense of curiosity
    • A cover that is pleasing to hold.
  • Must be monitored for wear. This includes cover wear and insert ‘wear’.

*Attitude could be an environmental initiative or an activity that portrays or interprets your property. The selection of materials available for generating attitude is almost limitless. Solid woods, metals, leathers, linens, other fabrics, acrylics, grasscloths, corks, glass, poly, vinyl and more. All are available in unique and creative designs, colors, and textures that will help to define your property.


WELCOME LETTER..., (or introduction)

  • Should be dated (current) or reference a time period (week or month) so it remains current. The guest will understand that current information is displayed; that the directory is updated for her/his benefit
  • Should be friendly, concise, informative, and easily absorbed.
  • Should reference something new about your property or an enhanced feature that provides additional service or convenience for your guest.
  • Should end with encouragement to review the directory for all services, activities, and foods available.


  • Should be understood by the hotel’s staff, so that when a specific question is asked, a knowledgeable response is given, together with possible alternatives regarding this specific question.

Hospitality is about people interacting with people. No new features, nuanced details or technological innovations will change this core precept. If a staff member isn’t motivated to help guests to his or her fullest, then everything else unravels. - Larry Mogelonsky,

  • Should be arranged in a fashion to capture the guest’s attention for serious consideration.
    1. Food: Dining and Lounge amenities offered, mentioning specials available for the time period identified in the Welcome letter.
    2. Business: Business services available for guest’s use
    3. Recreation: Spa and fitness facilities available
    4. Other services and amenities offered.
    5. Local businesses and community events scheduled for time period mentioned in Welcome letter. This area of advertising has become a revenue source for some hotels, however, the advertisers (local businesses) need to be appropriate for the hotel’s brand in order to motivate the guest.


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February 2016

Ralph Salisbury


This month, due to the interest in Design and Innovative Product Development, our Newsletter is a duplicate of our Blog



What Is Design...?


After researching definitions of and articles about design, I acknowledge that ‘design’ like ‘art’ can be an emotionally charged word. People in many professions have, and hold on to, their ‘feelings’ about design regardless of how others may feel. Wells Riley wrote, “It’s a state of mind. It’s an approach to a problem. It’s how you’re going to kick your competitor’s ass.”


Some of the confusion about what design is appears to comes from the belief that designers are artists; professionals who focus on ‘creativity’ on a rather personal level. Art may be a state of mine, however, it rarely is an approach to a problem, particularly a business or technological problem. Design, however, encompasses a world of thought where functionality, environmental concerns, aesthetics, and long-term usefulness become some of its important considerations. See Dieter Rams, Ten Principles for Good Design


Dieter Rams also wrote, “we [designers] don’t work in a vacuum. We need business people.” The implication being that contributions from professionals in other disciplines [or other ‘company’ departments] are invaluable in creating ‘successful’ designs for concepts or products. See my October 2015 Blog…, just scroll down…


This is an interesting lead-in to the history of Impact Enterprises. Bobi Hamilton, Impact’s President and CEO, received a degree in Fine Arts, and had become a respected artist in her community. As a result of the quality of her work, she was asked to assist several established businesses with advertising, marketing, and eventually product development. Soon thereafter, her inherent sense of business led her to establish Impact Enterprises, Inc. Impact’s success can be attributed to Bobi’s understanding and focus on the true meaning of design, not just art. Today, Impact’s staff, design and sales associates, discipline themselves to listen to and ‘hear’ what their customers are requesting so that meaningful and valuable discussions ensue regarding product design and development. We bring to our customer’s attention the often overlooked importance of the combination of functionality, aesthetics, long-terms usefulness, and environmental aspects.


“If you care about your audience, you’ll automatically care more about the subject.” P.J. Onori Waybury


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January 2016

Ralph Salisbury

Customers Acknowledge Effort…

                                                      Cartoon by Ted Goff


As I wrote in this month’s blog, an inspired staff inspires… When customers are presented with an enthusiastic, meaningful, and timely response to design options, material options, decoration options, and manufacturing options, they know they are respected and their project is taken seriously; they become inspired to contribute. A customer’s meaningful contribution to their project results in a successful project and provides for a long-term relationship. Meaningful contributions create an enthusiastic and innovative work environment, and minimize, if not eliminate, the potential for errors.


Impact’s sales and design consultants are a cohesive group that will work together on developing new products, new designs, research new and alternative materials, and make group decisions on how best to proceed with challenging projects. The camaraderie and mutual respect that exists among our associates has enabled Impact to become the internationally recognized design and manufacturing powerhouse that it is.


For Binder Covers, Custom Presentation Folders, Menu Covers, Table-top and Desk-top Accessories, Custom Signage, and other custom products, that will surpass your expectations, please contact our sales and design consultants.


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December 2015

Ralph Salisbury


Teamwork in Design + Prototype Development = Innovative Products...



                                                             Cartoon by Ted Goff


Last October I wrote about the concept of design thinking shifting from an individual or single department endeavor to a communal or multi-department responsibility. Successful design and innovation requires an understanding and sense of compassion for those you are designing for. This is not a new concept; “Einstein and Freud …were able to imagine the world from the perspective of others.” Design’s Invisible CenturySteve Jobs was also known for envisioning societal needs and wishes.


Design thinking is not enough on its own. Developing and testing prototypes is crucial to new product success. “Prototyping is probably the single most pragmatic behavior the innovative firm can practice.” Michael Schrage


Here at Impact Enterprises our innovative successes have been and continue to be the result of ‘prototyping’; creating a prototype after evaluating input from all appropriate sources. Our design department will take an idea, request input for that idea from customers, suppliers, and our staff members, and then use this input to refine the idea, and develop prototypes. The first part, requesting input makes this design and innovative process’ a social practice. The second part, developing prototypes is a tested common sense approach for bringing new products to the marketplace. Seeinnovative accomplishments”. Design and Innovation successes come from ideas that at acted upon; developed, tested, adjusted, and retested until the idea becomes a functional reality.

 Sampling of Successful Design Innovation

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November 2015  

Ralph Salisbury


This month we want our customers to know that we are preparing for the Holiday Season and the New Year, and should you be considering new menu covers, wine list covers, guest directory covers, or other custom binder covers for the Holiday Season, now is the time to discuss your needs and desires with one of our design consultants.

One of our Holiday concepts is versatility; a menu or binder cover with removable window panels which offers adaptability to seasonal changes, special events, and holiday food & beverage specials. Adaptability keeps your menu and binder covers ‘dynamic’ and adds to their life.

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October 2015

Ralph Salisbury


As I wrote in my October Blog, design has become a more comprehensive concept in all industries. It’s unifying and innovative capabilities are now embraced by all departments of an organization so that more competitive and customer friendly products are created. Customers have ideas about what they need, what is convenient for them, and what costs should be. Organizations need to determine if such customer related ideas are practical, functionally feasible, and economically feasible. This new concept referred to as Design Thinking “…is a deeply human process that taps into abilities we all have but get overlooked by more conventional problem-solving practices.” The expression ‘design thinking’ may be new, however, the concept has been in use by innovative companies such as Impact Enterprises, Inc., for many years.


Impact Enterprises has been receiving design input from all staff and sales associates in all departments almost from its inception. Our staff and sales associates have significant knowledge about materials, construction, design, and timely market preferences (what’s in vogue). Such knowledge when studied, assessed, and reassessed by our ‘team’ opens the door for meaningful innovation. This is why Impact has become the industry’s leading design and manufacturing powerhouse. Our customer’s desires and needs are a company-wide priority.



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September 2015

Ralph Salisbury


This month our binder cover focus is on Guest Services Directory Covers

Guest Directory Covers or Guest Compendiums are binder covers designed for the Hospitality Industry, however, these custom binders can be used for all industries. Like all custom presentation binders, the purpose is to attract interest in the contents, and it is always an advantage to have the binder cover itself grab the attention of the recipients (or guests) first.

Hotel, Resort, Country Club, and Spa guests do find value in Guest Services Directories. Equally important, the property itself should realize additional income from the services, activities, and shops identified in the directory. Too often, however, the presentation of these ‘amenities’ does not encourage serious perusal or generate a sense of adventure or excitement.

Encouraging serious perusal and generating a sense of anticipation begins with the first impression judged by the guest. Does the ‘directory’ grab attention as the guests begin to settle-in? Is it a ‘piece’ that calls attention to itself because of design, material, color, decoration and workmanship (a ‘branding quality’ piece)? If it does attract attention, your guest’s curiosity will be peaked and the directory will be opened. This is the first step needed to encourage serious perusal.

In addition to ‘branding quality’ directory covers, the contents (fulfillment) of the directory must generate a sense of anticipation through layout, paper and colors chosen, images, and well thought-out text (description) that is complete, accurate, and concise. This is not complicated nor does it have to be costly.

The combination of branding quality covers together with well thought-out fulfillment will inspire your guests to investigate, experience, and spend while at your property.

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Impact Enterprises, Inc




August 2015

Ralph Salisbury



Aug 2105-innovation-cartoon

Innovation is born out of history…


In my Blog this month, I wrote about a specific aspect of innovation, history; a manufacturer’s acknowledgement that its past successes and disappointments in innovative product development can contribute to the success of future innovation endeavors. A consequential history in innovative product development generates a competitive edge over today’s lean start-ups and other recently acquired or merged competitors who may lose track of ‘history’. This competitive edge provides for a level of customer service that is invaluable to customers and vital to manufacturers.


Recurrent creative and innovative successes spring from a cohesive group effort with an awareness of past successes and disappointments. Companies suffer when the boss comes up with all the new ideas. Shrewd leaders build organizations that think for themselves. Jeff Dyer and Hal Gregersen


Here at Impact we have a solid 28 year history of innovative thinking that includes new materials, new designs, new products, and other innovative challenges posed by our customers. Additionally, our innovative approach includes input from our sales and design consultants, manufacturing staff, suppliers, and strategic alliances as each has a ‘history’ in product design and development.

Presentation Cover Innovative Successes


Custom sized double anodized

black solid aluminum binder

cover with solid wood black

lacquered slipcase. 

Subtle laser-

engraved artwork on both

Metal 'married' to leather. 

Copper with custom sunbubble

patina finish in the shape

of a guitar 'married' to

vibrant orange leather

with gold debossed artwork.

Solid wood binder, including

wood spine hinged with leather

that maximizes environmental

aspect.  Decorated with full

cover ICP 4-cp printing.

Clear acrylic with screened

artwork 'married' to

black leather and bright

brushed aluminum with

embossed and color-filled


JWT-EGA-Final-Powder-Coated-w-Slipcase.-Not-as-Matte Adjusted Hard-Rock-GSD-F Wood-Menu-Covers-New-Wood-Spine-F Binder-Covers-Acrylic-Harper-International-F



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July 2015

Ralph Salisbury


Reduced-Rebranding cropprd-ebay-old-and-new-logo facebook new logo


I expressed my opinion that Facebook's revised logo is not a form of rebranding.  The revisions are so minor that they would not be detected by the general public or most Facebook customers.  This revised logo is 'friendlier' and mobile responsive, but does not reflect a 'rebranding' effort. Rebranding should imply noticeable changes for the purpose of establishing an ‘enhanced recognition’.  However, altering a logo for 'friendliness' and mobile responsiveness is good; it can be a form of customer service as the company name is more eaily read (identified), and mobile accessibility is an acknowledged convenience for customers.  Whatever the extent of logo revisions, these must not confuse or raise questions about who the company is.  Customers must be able to identify with revised logos immediately.


Binder-Cover-Brass-NFL-Prototype-F-4bae01fd49099 braves Acura Sales Kit 50be33cd9cefd acrylic-binder-covers-chrysler-corp-f Custom-Signage-Copperl-Food-Network-F RED BULL 505f7ff1d3ba8
NFL Atlanta Braves Acura Chrysler Corp, Food Network Red Bull


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May - June 2015

Ralph Salisbury


Binder Presentation and Guest Services Directory Trends…

Genuine leather has always been revered for custom presentation. An interesting trend today is the resurgence of solid thick slab genuine leather for guest services directory covers and other binder presentation products. Solid thick slab genuine leather offers a distinctive element in custom design, is durable, and now price competitive


2-Solid Slab Leather


An interesting design for solid thick slab genuine leather is the single-panel clipboard style binder. Not a common piece yet one that commands attention in the binder category.



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This Memorial Day, please honor our Veterans…




April 2015

Ralph Salisbury


Blurred 'Vision'

REVISED-Final April

“The objective is to not blend into the blur; the objective is to stand out from it. This is what it means to be different .” Youngme Moon


Too often manufacturers will give customers what they want as opposed to trying to understand what it is the customer needs. There is a difference. The want and the need can clash if not accurately communicated by the customer or properly heard by the manufacturer. “The problem with asking consumers what they want is that not only will they ask for things they’re not getting, but their requests will usually be driven by what they see being offered by the competition.” Youngme Moon . When influenced by what competition is doing, creativity is pushed aside and the customer ends up with a product that… blends into the ‘blur’.


It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to make certain the requests from the customer are clearly heard. This can only be accomplished when the manufacturer encourages a collaboration effort with the customer. Manufacturers with a history of innovation have the knowledge to guide and educate customers, and have the passion to research for the customers.


At Impact, we work with our customers so they can participate in a decision-making process that results in a product that truly fulfills their needs and desires.

April BINDER 2015


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March 2015

Ralph Salisbury

Customization Image

Brand Awareness and Customization


Please see our March Blog




February 2015

Ralph Salisbury



Branding is more than artwork (signature trademark or logo). It encompasses you, your staff, your products and services, together with your customer’s perception of each. In order to inspire a positive perception you need to understand your customers (your target audience). I use the expression ‘valued acknowledgment’ for motivating perception; it defines your customer’s belief in how you feel about them. When an audience or customer base feels valued they become attentive to your ideas, products and services. Valued acknowledgement can be enhanced from your perception of what your customers and target audience “want and need you to be”; it encompasses a sequence of perceptions. Your brand is derived from who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be. …who you are should be based to some extent on who your target customers want and need you to be. John Williams,  


Information packaging contributes to valued acknowledgement when it is visualized and produced knowing your target audience. Thoughtfully designed presentation covers and binder covers will influence the recipient’s perception of how you value them. The customer experience doesn’t start when you begin using the product, it begins when you have the box in front of you. Jim Dalrymle .


Presentation Binders, Information Packaging, and Clamshell Binders manufactured from

Recycled Metals | Woods from Verified Sustainable Forests | Aqueous coated materials

Binder Newsletter Feb 2015


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December 2014

Ralph Salisbury


Like a marathon, sustainability is not a quick sprint, but the rewards for sticking with it can be vast.”,

Deloitte, LLP.


Sustainability initiatives in business continue to grow for a very obvious reason; the public has embraced sustainability and corporate responsibility. Customers now prefer to conduct business with companies

that exhibit a genuine interest in ‘giving back’; being responsible, accountable, and compassionate. Corporate responsibility, whether it is community involvement, an environmental initiative, an educational initiative,

or a conservation initiative is respected and becoming expected. A company’s involvement captures

attention and customers. Success stories for both small and large companies with ‘corporate responsibility’

initiatives have become common.


Business simply can’t be a bystander in a system that gives it life in the first place., Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever .

Without customers how can you survive? If ‘customers’ spending patterns are changing it may make sense for your company to investigate the reasons, and make the necessary adjustments..., not for just increased profits, but also for ‘survival’.


I have written pieces on sustainability and corporate responsibility in the past and will continue to do so for two very important reasons: (1) These are important in their own right, and (2) These are important for continued success in business. Sustainability and corporate responsibility have matured into real world business initiatives that do impact the bottom-line. "Executives at all levels see an important business role for sustainability".


When purchasing products consider products that support an environmental initiative such as solid woods from Verified Sustainable Forests, recycled metals (copper, brass, aluminum), aqueous coated materials that do not contaminate landfills. For service related companies consider companies that embrace ‘corporate responsibility’; giving back.


be rewarded....

BINDER Newsletter Dec 2014 Image


Custom Binder Covers, Compendiums, Clamshell Boxes, Custom Presentation, Custom Signage


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November 2014

Ralph Salisbury


A Strong Movement that 'Business' Should Support


Our Newsletter this month is a duplicate of our current Blog due to our perceived importance of the subject.  Please see: 


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October 2014

Ralph Salisbury


A Little Historical Info… Binder Covers: ‘Then’ and Now


Metal covers for documents and books date back to ancient times. These metal covers were usually precious metals such as gold, silver, copper, and brass, and were used to cover revered documents. The softer metals, gold, silver, copper, were frequently laid over brass, the more rigid metal. The decoration was exquisitely hand-tooled detailed artwork. Today, Current costs for these solid metal covers, together with their weight, preclude their continued use for book and binder covers on a commercial scale. However, as a result of technological advances, ingenuity, and a passion for art, beautifully designed metal covers and other unique material covers are now available on a custom yet commercial scale.


Today, Copper, Brass, Silver, and Aluminum are used to cover common substrates (base material such as chipboard) used in binder cover, presentation folder, and menu cover manufacturing. These metals are now available in thicknesses that are malleable and allow for turned-edge construction . In addition, the malleable nature also allows for relatively easy embossing of the metal for personalized artwork. Since the metal is relatively thin, the metal embossing die required does not have to be manufactured from heat-treated tool steel which can be prohibitively expensive for small personalized orders. Instead, dies for these malleable metals can be manufactured from a hard plastic material that will emboss artwork cleanly and last for multiple uses at a lesser cost. This feature makes metal covers very desirable since pricing is now in a range that appeals to a wide cross section of potential users


BINDER-Newsletter Oct 2014



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September 2014

Ralph Salisbury


Versatility of Wood

Recently, Green Lodging News featured several articles on the growing interest in reclaimed wood. The focus was essentially on woods sourced from old barns, other wood buildings, riverbeds, etc. This essentially is a resurgence of the ‘barn wood’ fad that surfaced in the late 60’s and continued to grow for over a decade. At that time, it was more of a ‘fashion’ trend, not one necessarily spurred on by an interest in environmental responsibility. Today, the interest remains fashionable (a weathered appearance) but more importantly it is fueled by environmental concerns..


What was not mentioned is that another very viable source of ‘reclaimed wood’ is the millions of acres of Lodgepole pine that has been infected by the Mountain Pine Beetle. These infected trees, known as ‘Blue Pine’, are harvested before they fall, kiln dried, offer the same integrity as regular lumber, and possess very unique coloring and color patterns…, much like reclaimed barn wood. From an environmental view point, ‘blue pine’ is a natural source for quality wood, and its harvesting provides space and sunlight for new seedlings to mature. It is a naturally sustainable source.


Environmentally responsible woods are in vogue and in demand. The variety of eco-friendly products that can be manufactured from wood is impressive

be environmentally responsible...

BINDER-be memorable-Sept 2014


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August 2014

Enhance Your Presentation...

Ralph Salisbury


Whether you are presenting an investment proposal, a guest services directory, a sales proposal, or a selection of foods (menu), your ‘cover’ options are many and varied. One option you may want to consider to enhance the effectiveness of your presentation is to use a cover material or combination of cover materials that support the purpose or character of the presentation. Consider the following:

  • An investment proposal for wind or solar energy, or electric automobiles, or bio-fuels, etc.:
    • Use a wood cover (solid or genuine veneer over an eco-friendly board). This not only supports the environmental aspect of your presentation, but a wood cover will emphasize high quality, importance, and your belief in the proposal.
    • An alternative to wood could be a genuine leather, grasscloth, linen, or a recycled product such as metal, polyethylene, or acrylic.
    • A combination of these materials, such as wood with grasscloth, or copper with leather, or even aluminum with wood, etc. will not only emphasize the character of your presentation, but also its importance and potential value.
  • A guest services directory cover:
    • For a beach resort or hotel, consider a grasscloth (preferably genuine grasscloth)
    • For a country club or golf resort, consider genuine leather or faux leather
    • For CBD hotels consider copper, brass, aluminum, tempered glass, leather, or linen.
    • For ‘sustainable’ resorts consider a wood, bamboo, or genuine grasscloth.
    • As mentioned above, a combination of appropriate materials will capture your guest’s attention quickly, and the services being offered will more likely be enjoyed by your guest.
  • A product sales kit:
    • Polyethylene (preferably recycled) is practical, durable, attractive, and certainly appropriate for an extensive listing of available products.
    • A linen, metal, or leather clamshell designed binder cover (aka known as a binder box) will certainly emphasize the quality of its contents.

Be results driven when preparing a presentation and selecting appropriate cover materials. Your ‘audience’ will respond.

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July 2014

Desktop and Table-top Presentation

Ralph Salisbury


Desk blotters for boardroom conference tables, office desks, and hotel guest rooms provide more than protection. Today’s blotters are custom designed, manufactured from materials that are unique, and provide an ‘identity’ that complements the sophistication of the boardroom, office, and hotel room setting.

  • A boardroom serves an important function; it is a setting for organizational planning, business and contract negotiation, legal matters, etc. A properly appointed boardroom conference table provides each attendee with their own space which encourages a sense of identity and focus; both valuable in contributing to meaningful discussions. A blotter identifies individual space. A custom blotter that complements the sophistication of the boardroom setting emphasizes ‘importance’ and ‘value’ which reinforce identity and focus.   Adding additional accessory items such as custom pad portfolios with a logoed pens creates a ‘branding’ opportunity for the organization.
  • Today hotel guest room designs and layouts are also more oriented towards providing a sense of individualism for each guest. The rooms now allow a guest to gain a comfort level that defines the space as the guest’s space, not just an overnight convenience. A desktop is more than a desktop with a custom blotter. It becomes personal workspace; an important feature for all travelers.

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June 2014

Farm-to-table... a popular concept that needs to be further 'cultivated.

Ralph Salisbury


Last month I attended two fund raising dinners; proceeds went to the James Beard Public Market, a year-round indoor-outdoor market to be built in downtown Portland, OR. Both dinners were offered by local restaurants that are known for their farm-to-table selections. The dinner at the Old Salt Marketplace was hosted by both Chef Benjamin Meyer, owner and chef of Old Salt, and Chef Greg Higgins, owner and chef of Higgins , a well-known and highly regarded restaurant in downtown Portland. Chef Higgins and Chef Meyer not only planned and prepared the dinner, but also made themselves available for questions, a wonderful treat for the guests. In attendance were some of the local farmers and ranchers that supplied the foods for this dinner, and are regular suppliers to both restaurants. It was interesting to hear Chef Higgins infer these farmers and ranchers essentially dictate what foods he will be serving at particular times. The thought of a ‘supplier’ dictating to a chef was foreign to me, but this, in broad terms, is what farm-to-table should be: Farmers educating chefs about the availability, the benefits, and the quality of year-round crops, thus providing opportunities and challenges for added creativity in the kitchen while providing more stable year-round revenue for local farmers, an important factor in furthering a healthy food initiative. Without local farmers we become dependent upon existing large conglomerates that farm strictly for profit at the expense of healthy soil, healthy foods, healthy people, and a healthy environment.

Farm-to-table is showing an increasing presence in many environmental initiatives instituted by eco-friendly hotels, resorts, and restaurants (Green Lodging News, May 2014 – “Details trickling out…”). As a whole, the hospitality industry is doing a commendable job in its efforts to promote healthier food choices not only to its customers but also to the general public. The challenges remain formidable but with unified ‘energies’ much can be accomplished (see our June Blog )

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May 2014

Is Your Staff Armed with 'Freedom' and 'Knowledge'?

Ralph Salisbury


In last month’s Blog (scroll to April), I wrote about the importance of getting to know your staff. I stated that your staff is a big part of your customer’s ‘total experience’. In its April 2014 issue, Boardroom Magazine has an article titled “Guest Recovery” by Nancy M. Levenburg. ‘Guest Recovery’ has become a common phrase for applying specified practices to preserve a disappointed customer; much of it is common sense. An underlying theme in these suggested practices, however, is what I term ‘Staff Response’. Your staff’s response will dictate the success of Customer Recovery. But how does your staff know how to respond? Responses must be prompt and courteous with a controlled sense of accommodation. Is your staff armed with the ‘freedom’ and knowledge necessary to offer such responses? Only you as owner/manager can arm them accordingly. It is your responsibility to know that your staff will perform according to your standards, and respond to a troubling situation as you yourself would respond. If you truly care, you will have given yourself the opportunity to know and respect your staff. Effectively educating your staff will contribute to the development of the same mindset you have which hopefully is one that understands and appreciates the concept of ‘the total customer experience’, the value of repeat business, and the desire to grow a great hospitality company.

Effectively educating your staff requires knowing your staff. If you do not know and understand your staff, you can only program them, and programming does not last long nor does it work well in business, particularly hospitality. Today’s customers are too savvy to accept programmed responses.  Additional reading: Guest Experiences Gone Awry!   


For Memorable and Branding Quality Menu Covers, Binder Covers, Guest Directory Covers,  and more, visit Impact Enterprises at 

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April 2014

Custom Presentation

Ralph Salisbury


Presentation; “the act of presenting” for the purpose of… well, it could be for a number of different reasons. Whatever the reason, the ultimate purpose is to capture attention. Without an audience’s attention, words may be heard, text may be read but meaning is lost. Presentations are stories, whether about an accomplishment that earns an award, a proposal that begs for attention, a selection of choices, a selection of services, a plan for growth, etc., these are all stories and can be ‘presented’ in a manner that stimulates action. “The stories that move and captivate people are those that are true to the teller, the audience, the moment, and the mission” Peter Guber.


Mr. Guber’s statement, when broken down is just common sense; presenters must be authentic; they must believe in the ‘story’ they are presenting. Let your customers and guests know that you “practice what you preach”; your presentation (story) belongs to you. Relating this to hospitality, a restaurant’s successful menu is one that reflects the ‘history’, ‘courage’, and ‘creativeness’ of the chef/owner; possibly a selection of foods that rotate with seasons, foods that are locally sourced for freshness, flavor, health, and sustainability purposes. Selections and preparations that are not only defined, but explained. These become stories that are:

  • ‘true’ to your beliefs
  • ‘true’ (right) for the audience (your customers selected your establishment)
  • ‘true’ for the moment (your customers are with you for a common purpose)
  • ‘true’ for the mission (your mission is to stimulate)

Today, customers and guests are eager to find interesting and true stories; when they discover one, they value it. Whether in a restaurant, hotel, or resort, guests look for confirmation that they made a good choice.


What captures an audience’s attention “first, fast and foremost”?(Guber) In a hospitality environment, it is the manner in which a menu or directory is presented. Use a cover (menu cover, guest services directory cover, award cover, binder cover, etc.) that complements your story; one that conveys an accurate message about you and your property, a message that supports the story inside.


Custom presentation is in demand. Create a custom cover that complements your story. Leather, historically fashionable, has exploded in popularity; solid woods and recycled metals continue to be in vogue and in demand; glass and acrylic are finding their way into a myriad of establishments; print and laminated paper are always stylish. Environmental responsibility can be a part of your story; convey this message in an environmentally responsible cover

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March 2014

Trusted Relationships and More…

Ralph Salisbury


Trust, a term used to imply confidence, reliance, and belief, has become commercialized for business… and political… purposes, but this is changing. Trust is returning to its roots, to its original ground, to its intended meaning. The public is beginning to understand that ‘trust’ must be earned; that printed words may deserve consideration, but do not justify action without verification, and verification is easy today


Trust is determined by a combination of performance, behavior, and attitude; a combination that has some history if the printed word is to have its intended meaning. Peter Guber , chairman and CEO of Mandalay Entertainment and author of Tell to Win wrote: “Be authentic and have your feet, tongue, heart and wallet all going in the same direction – this creates a trusted and respected relationship which precedes transactions.” Mr. Guber has great foresight. Today’s buying public, business and individual, want to know they are conducting business with a company that understands and appreciates their needs, and equally important invests to anticipate their future needs; essentially, a company that has “heart” in what it does and what it provides.


So how does a company get this message across to its customers and potential customers… As Mr. Guber suggests “Tell your story”, but first, you must have a story. Your story is your competitive advantage over today’s ‘lean startups’… Let buyers and decision-makers know about you through your testimonials , through your innovative accomplishments, through your investments in their ‘interests’

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February 2014

2014 Business 101

Ralph W Salisbury


In January I purchased a special dinner (Mid-Winter Brewer’s Dinner) offered by Higgins Restaurant (Chef Greg Higgins). Proceeds from this event will benefit The James Beard Public Market in Portland, OR. It was a great meal that supported a worthy cause. Higgins, known for sourcing its produce locally and preparing quality food, enjoys a great reputation and a stable following.  



Supporting a local cause is not new for many businesses. Sponsoring Little League, Pop Warner, or a local event has been common throughout the years. This is a form of ‘locally based’ social consciousness; a valuable social endeavor that benefits a well-defined group. Social consciousness in business today refers to endeavors that benefit all in a community at all times. A concept based on common sense that creates an ongoing common good; an acknowledged ‘good’ that can generate business.



Social consciousness does not have to have a cost associated with it. It can be a frame of mind; one that spawns this ‘acknowledged common good’. Restaurants in particular become socially conscious as they begin to appreciate the common sense approach to offering a growing selection of healthy food choices. Healthy food benefits all, generates a positive image for the restaurant, and results in an increase in business because healthy foods have become an ever growing priority in an ever growing concerned ‘customer base’. This applies all restaurants, fast food to fine dining. See NRA

See Subway .



Social norms are changing. Consumers have become more educated. Their health and the health of their environment have become a focus which is supported by their purchasing patterns. . Environmentally responsible purchasing decisions complement socially conscious endeavors: Sourcing produce locally strengthens the community and creates a sense of community, Purchasing and offering non-toxic, recycled, durable, and sustainable products creates an overall sense of responsibility for both the business and the customer.


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January 2014

Business 2014 - ‘Think outside the box’..??

Ralph Salisbury

Business planning as we used to know it continues to have value; it will provide a starting point to begin revising the plans you already put in place. Business and marketing strategies in today’s environment must be dynamic due to ever-increasing options available to secure new business and retain existing business. Competition is intense, and there is no need ‘to think outside the box’ until you have successfully engaged the marketing tools required for maximum exposure.


Many available marketing ‘channels’ focus on visibility which has become a form of customer service. Essentially you are strategizing to make it easy for your customers and future customers to find you and to become engaged with you. You work to create customer loyalty. The quality of your product or service is a given; without it customer loyalty fades. Visibility must also be a given; without it potential future customers move to visible competition. Engagement encourages a personal connection with your customers, a connection that is invaluable when confronted with strong visible competition.


In the Age of the Customer, business metrics aren't enough to engage prospects and customers. You have to be able to tell your story in ways that engage on a personal level.” Harry Klein,


Engaging on a personal level includes understanding your customer’s needs and interests, offering valued and appropriate product or service, and being involved in activities of a socially conscious nature that help to send positive messages about you. Taken together, a sense of trust is created which is closely aligned with loyalty.


Bottom line, not only is the way we are consuming changing, but our reference points are evolving rapidly and trust is proving to
be a precious commodity”. Daniel Newman


However, in order to expand your business (attract new customers) you must be visible during a product or service search.


So, as we begin the New Year, grasp the complete concept of customer engagement and loyalty, and hold on to it. Your 2014 will be rewarding…

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December 17, 2013

On a Personal Note…

Ralph Salisbury

In his article,What Has Our Restaurant Dining Experience Turned Into?” (see; ) Steve DiGioia, wrote: But whatever happened to customer service? What happened to the dining experience we used to receive? Where are all the waiters of days gone by?

These are valid questions…, and maybe complaints. There are factors that need to be considered when evaluating ‘attitude’ changes, especially from one generation to the next:

What do the majority of today’s guests want? ‘Years ago’ the world moved at a slower pace. Guests tended to be more relaxed; did not feel ‘on-call’ all the time. Today, many guests look for expedient service because they believe their time is limited. Communication with wait staff tends to be very perfunctory, and wait staff responds accordingly. Further, wait staff tends to be younger, and are very much accustomed to, and influenced by our fast paced world. Their experience with face-to-face communication has been minimal due to today’s ‘hi-tech’ communication. Expedient service is believed to be the demand of the day.

I do empathize with Mr. DiGioia. His point is well taken. I have found, however, a few friendly words with the wait staff at the onset of the dining experience, puts everyone in a different mental place and ‘customer service’ returns. In our fast paced and somewhat confusing world, wait staff, especially younger wait staff, needs some guidance from the guest

Everyone at Impact wishes all of our customers and website visitors a great Holiday Season and Happy and Healthy New Year…




November 19, 2013

Color Me… with thought


Ken Murray

Crayons Cropped

What comes to mind when you imagine the color Red? How about when you imagine a bright vibrant Green or a pale Gray? Colors do have an effect upon our subconscious mind and can evoke similar emotions for the majority of us. It is, therefore, to your advantage to consider color schemes when designing your property’s interior and accessory items. Also, having some knowledge about your potential customer base will assist in determining the most effective colors to present.

Each shade of color will create different emotions and mental images. That is why choosing the right color or combination of colors for your menu covers or binder covers can contribute to the success of your business project. Did you know that the color Red can increase energy and appetite, that Brown provides a sense of reliability and can increase comfort levels, and that Green and Blue can have a calming (relaxing) affect?

In the process of designing a presentation piece (whether it is a menu or a binder cover), you first should ask, “What feelings do I want my audience to experience within the first 5 seconds of looking at my presentation piece?” After you come up with the answer to this question, choose the appropriate color and design that will guide your customers towards these feelings. It is all about your customer’s perception of your business, and color plays an important role. See: Color Psychology: The Emotional Effects of Colors , and Color Meanings in Business

Today, new technology, together with the reliability of custom handcrafted production, allows for multiple color scheme manufacturing and endless decoration options for your custom presentation products. It can be a demanding task to make color decisions, but one that can benefit your business. In order to simplify the process ask your supplier’s design department for assistance. We at Impact Enterprises will walk you through the process with patience and genuine care.

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October 14, 2013


Binder Covers and Menu Covers... Can Be Revenue Producers


Ralph Salisbury

Have you ever been distracted by an image in an article causing you to abandon the article? This recently happened to me while accessing an article in the HBR Blog Network. The theme of the article was ‘To-do Lists’ and how these commonly used lists can be incorporated into and enhanced by today’s and tomorrow’s imminent technology. See:

The subject image was of the six ‘post-it-notes’ at the beginning of the article. I read each one, and surprisingly each had a common theme: Good health. It is encouraging for me to ‘surmise’ from this image the direction of our thought processes: Healthy lifestyles and healthy environments. I do not, however, believe this to be guesswork on my part; it is real, it is universal, and it continues to grow. Environmental concerns, once thought to be fad, are now being addressed with genuine interest in all industries because ‘customers’ have developed a genuine interest in their health, a concern about the environments in which they live and the products they buy. By working to improve products with an environmentally responsible quality, business has learned a customer base grows.

The hospitality industry has been one of the most responsive to environmental concerns. Look at the great number of healthy food selections now offered by all categories of restaurants throughout the world*, note the growth in responsible packaging for healthy foods, and the impressive environmental advances made in renovation and new property construction together with policy and procedures put in place for property operation. There truly is a concern about our health, the environment and sustainability.

When purchasing accessory items such as Menu Covers, Binder Covers, Wine Lists, Check Presenters, and other Presentation products, choose environmentally responsible ones, and make this fact known to your customers. It will be to your advantage.


*read ‘Nutrition and Menu Planning’ in Foundations of Menu Planning by Daniel Traster.


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September 12, 2013

Passion for Innovation and Social Consciousness

Ralph Salisbury


During our 26 years in business, we have used the word ‘innovation’ and the phrase ‘passion for innovation’ frequently. Whether it is in our conversations, advertising, newsletters, or press releases, this word and phrase accurately describes what we are about, and who we are. Impact is an innovator; a pioneer in the development of new designs and the use of new materials. The industries we serve are grateful for our concern for their needs and our determination to continually satisfy those needs with improved product designs and new materials.



We believe continual improvement of all widely and frequently used products is important because genuine improvement benefits not only those who use it but contributes to a sense of social consciousness. Innovation is not improvement if no societal benefit is realized. More functional designs, more environmentally responsible materials, together with a sense of compassion, help to make meaningful and lasting contributions.



The phrase ‘social consciousness’ is frequently seen in business articles today. It is good when it is genuine or results from a passion for innovation that can benefit all. Impact has practiced a socially conscious initiative for years…, before the term became popular. We have improved the functionality of our binder covers and menu covers while also being the first to provide these products in environmentally responsible materials.


More on Corporate Social Responsibility:


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July 18, 2013

Successful Presentation

Ralph Salisbury


Whether you are presenting investment proposals, or food and beverage selections, or even awards, the success of your presentation will depend on several important factors.


  1. Do you Know and Understand your audience or customers?

Who are they and what are they looking for? What is it that sparks their interest


  1. Do you Believe in what it is you are presenting?

How you value your presentation will affect the value your audience or customers place on it. Your value in it also refers to your passion for it. If your passion or emotional tie is strong it suggests a strong belief in the value of what is being proposed or offered.


  1. Are you able to Communicate the strength ofyour belief to your audience or customers?

If you believe strongly in your proposals or food and beverage selections, present them in creative and custom packaging that will convey this fact to your audience. Creative and custom packaging generates an immediate enthusiasm for reviewing what’s inside. Such packaging supports the degree of your belief and expresses this fact to your target audience.


  1. Does your Presentation and Packaging express something about you?

Creative presentation and packaging can express a sense of social consciousness without making a point of it. Presentation can include tactful references to certain issues or initiatives. Packaging can convey a sense of environmental responsibility. Today, such presentation and packaging will enhance your target audience’s response.


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June 19, 2013

Where Is Your Competitive Advantage..?

It could be staring you in the face

Ralph Salisbury

Numerous articles have been written on maintaining a competitive advantage in today’s fast paced, information saturated, and inspired business environment. ‘Strategy’ seems to be the keyword for success: Strategy that is not ‘defined’ but one that is always evolving due to increased competition brought on by the incredible advances in communication technology. I cannot refute the fact that a ‘dynamic’ strategy is required in today’s business environment… see , and

It is important, however, not to lose sight of what has contributed to your successes in the past; Quality product(s) and service(s), innovation, well maintained property environments required for customers or guests, and of course customer service. No matter how often your business strategy may change, these basics cannot as they are your link to repeat business. Repeat business provides a distinct competitive advantage as you have created a meaningful bond… a bond that eludes your new ‘startup’ competition.

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